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Building Construction Services

Horse Barns & Equine Facilities

Dana Schmidt Construction is recognized as one of the most qualified and knowledgeable building construction professionals of barns and equine facilities in Ocala Florida. Many of our customers have a rough idea of what they want for a layout of their horse barn, or equine facility but do not know the particulars involved with the construction of the building materials to create horse safety and usefulness. Many of our customers are not aware of the drainage issues and soil conditions that are present in Ocala, Marion County. This is where our expertise and knowledge merge with the customer's request to create the care-free custom barn or equine facility they have always wanted.

Having had the opportunity to construct some extremely creative projects does involve a lot of personal attention by both the customer and ourselves. We have spent many days and may trips with some of our customers trying to create exactly what they want. This has involved laying out structures (barns,custom homes,out buildings, etc.), roads, entrance ways, exercise rings, drainage, paddocks, and many other pieces that go along with creating a great horse facility. We also have remodeled many older horse barns and equine facilities to bring them up to today's standards.

We have built custom barns and horse facilities ranging from

  • Turnout barns
  • barns with apartments
  • barns with offices
  • show barns
  • equine rehabilitation facility
  • center isle barns
  • shed row barns

Custom barn and Horse Facility options provided by DSC

  • Entrance columns and gates
  • Pavers
  • Road Construction
  • Custom cupolas
  • Shaving bins
  • Manure pits
  • Arena's
  • Round pens
  • Horse wash area
  • Custom stall fronts

There are not too many things that we have not encountered throughout the years of building custom barns and horse facilities, as you can see, Dana Schmidt Construction can handle just about any request .

Custom Homes, Remodeling, & Additions

We take pride in building our customer's dreams. Whether it is a custom home, total house remodel, or a simple addition to your existing home. We know this is where you will spend your personal time and we are committed to making your building experience pleasant, creating a quality structure, and making sure that you are satisfied with our service. We realize there is a time element to develop your project. To achieve your goals in a timely manner it requires constant communication and a good relationship, this is where Dana Schmidt Constructions personal staff makes the customer feel at ease and have the confidence needed to create a great working relationship.

Remodeling and Additions requires a builder with many years of experience who has done a variety of different jobs (Commercial / Residential) and knows how to bring old building standards to the updated building codes of today. To give you an example of some of these jobs;

  • We designed and remodeled a Veterinary Animal Hospital which included adding dog kennels , office, kitchen, and bathrooms along with new galvalume metal roof applied to the existing building and new addition. This building was in excess of 50 years old (Magnolia Animal Hospital, Ocala Florida). When doing this remodel, the owner requested that the existing building retain the original exterior appearance when attaching the new addition.
  • We took an 1880 historic church (Micanopy, FL) and removed a portion of the church (which was built in 1950's) moved it across the street and converted into a single family home and the original church remaining was converted into a duplex. The original exterior of this church remains today.
  • Along with constructing a new building for the Montessori School of Ocala Florida, they requested Dana Schmidt Construction to remodel a existing property with multiple buildings and create a new school to be opened in less than 90 days. A remodel like this requires cooperation from the building dept, subcontractors and great working relationship with the owners.

Remodeling is something we enjoy and are very good at. We know what it takes to get the job done in a timely manner and how important it is to keep your job organized and cleaned daily. At the same time being very aware of staying within the budget.

Dana Schmidt Construction also has a very good working relationship with the Local Building Departments (City of Ocala and Marion County). We were even asked by one of the senior employees at the building dept., who knows every builder in the area, if we would construct their personal home. This is a statement of our reputation and quality that we strive to produce in every job.

Some of our House Remodels and Custom Homes have included updating the exterior surroundings of the house also, which may include;

  • Outside patio decks (concrete/wood/composite)
  • Bar-B-Que area's
  • Pergola's
  • Fire Pits
  • Decorative concrete
  • Patio pavers
  • Low voltage lighting


Storm Damage

Many times remodeling is unexpected by the home owner. This is when you need someone who is reliable, knowledgeable, and accountable. Allow us the opportunity to help you put your home, barn, office, etc. back in working condition.

"I will personally be involved in your project, from start to finish"

Dana SchmidtPresident